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Minggu, 03 Februari 2013

Read the text carefully and answer the questions no. 11  to 13
                I went to Rahman’s house yesterday to do homework. I went there with Dodi. After finishing the homework, Rahman made rujak. Rahman likes spicy food, so he made it very spicy. Actually, I am not used to eating spicy food, but yesterday I could not restrain myself from eating it. The rujak was very tasty, although it was spicy. I ate it too much. The next morning I got stomachache and I could not go to school.
       1.       Who is Rahman?
                a.       My friend
                b.      Rujak’s seller
                c.       The writer’s friend
                                                                   d.      Dodi’s elder brother
2.       Why did Dodi and the writer go to Rahman’s house?
a.       To  meet Dodi
b.      To eat rujak
c.       To visit rahman
d.      To do their homework
3.       Rahman likes spicy food, so he made it very spicy.
What does the word  ‘it’  refer to?
a.       Food
b.      Spicy
c.       Rujak
             d. Tasty

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